Core Beliefs

  • Trust in our Team
  • Integrity of information
  • Attentiveness
  • Responsible Service

Core Values

  • Practice gracious authenticity, which allows people to make mistakes so that they can develop as both teachers and learns (Kaizen).
  • Celebrate wins and acknowledge failures. We all own it, we all grow from it, we all accelerate from it, we are all rewarded for it.
  • Cultivating community involved leaders.
  • Exercise empathetic, focused attention to all people we interact with.
  • Create a sustainable, growth-driven collective which is focused on profitable scalability and profitable innovation.

How we Work

It satisfies us to serve our customers, the community and each other through the embodiment of Servant Leadership. If our employees love to come to work and our customers love to return, then we are doing it right. As outlined in our Natural Laws of Good Business:

“Greatness is a product of happy employees.  We invest some of the best pieces of ourselves (and waking hours) in our workday and in our work product. Investing passion and joy in the work is contagious and transcends to everything and everyone in our periphery. When you find the fun, you also find productivity, innovation, creativity, and perseverance. And smiles are good for everyone.”

Professional Development

We spend a third of our adult lives at work, why not use some of that time for professional growth? At Top Shelf Collective, we prioritize continual professional development. Employees, from the floor staff to leadership, have the opportunity to participate in financial forecasting, tactical meetings, professional development webinars, and attend on and off site events.

Continual Learning

Top Shelf Collective’s Code of Conduct states:

“When in doubt, ask.  Some of the best experiences come from living in a constant state of curiosity. A person willing to ask questions without judgment will prepare themselves and the people in their periphery to succeed. Never strive to be the smartest in the room, you don’t – and never will – know it all. Let that thought inspire you.”

Top Shelf Collective sports an ever-evolving training program that emphasizes the role of the trainer and employee. While Top Shelf Collective is responsible for providing an open and safe learning environment, the employee must ask questions to stay actively involved in the process. As Top Shelf Collective continues to grow, there is much opportunity for movement within the company. We like to make these transitions as smooth as possible through scorecards, passports, one-on-one trainings and frequent check-ins.

Community Involvement

Locally owned and operated, Top Shelf Collective values the importance of giving back to our community. We are proud to support so many businesses and nonprofit organizations in Jackson Hole. Follow the link to learn more about the organizations we’ve supported.

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